Recruitment Procedure

Download Special Power Of Attorney

Special Power Of Attorney - Download

How To Apply On The Job?

To apply on a job advertised by Edge Manpower Services the candidate is required to register with Edge Manpower Services through CV Online Service. This registration is valid for one year.

1. The applications are computerized and published on our website in their respective category.
2.The documents provided by the candidate along with printed copy of computerized resume are scrutinized /examined to verify that applicant meets the basic criteria laid down by the employer.
3.Submission of Original Form is compulsory Failing which the application is considered rejected.
4.All applications are organized in accordance with category job titles and sent to employer in original through reliable international courier services.
5.The final scrutiny and short listing of applicants is done by the employer and Edge Manpower Services is provided the list of candidates selected for Interviews.
6.After above process employer informs Edge Manpower Services about the dates of visit of interviewing team to Pakistan Edge Manpower Services sends the Interview Call Letter to short listed candidates.
7.After interview/test it employer’s decision to announce the selection immediately or after their return to home country.
8.After interview/test is employer’s Discretion to announce the selection on spot or after their return to home country.
9.After final selection the candidates are required to undergo medical examination and other formalities like attestation of his documents from different departments.
10.On completion of these formalities the documents of candidate are submitted to relevant embassy along with Passport for endorsement of Visa and upon visa endorsement the necessary travel arrangements like tickets, booking etc. are made by this organization.

VISA Procedure?

After candidates final selection by our Principal, we refer them for Medical Examination from only approved Medical Centers by G.C.C. After having Medically cleared the candidate shall be required to get his original academic and experience certificates duly attested from Pakistan Ministry of Health, Pakistan Ministry of Higher Education, Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thereafter we shall get the same attested certificates from Saudi Cultural Attache and Saudi Consulate. (This procedure is applicable to health workers) But for certain categories the Saudi Consulate also requires the Arabic translation of certificates duly attested. Following are the documents required for visa endorsement by Saudi Consulate:

1. Computerized Passport along with all previous passports (if any).
2. Original N.I.C.
3. 4 Photographs with off white background (4x6 cm size).
4. Original Medical Fitness Report (only from G.C.C. approved medical centers).
5. Original Attested Degree / Diploma and their Original Attested Arabic Translation.
6. Original N.O.C., and its Arabic Translation duly attested by PakistanMinistry of Foreign Affairs if your Passport says you are in Govt. of Pakistan Service.

Download Demand Letter

Demand Letter - Download

How The Recruitment Procedure Works?


1. Power of Attorney (see Annexure I)
2. Demand letter (see Annexure II)
3. Letter in the name of Ambassador/Consul General of the Employer’s country in Pakistan (see Annexure III)
4.Visa slip in original.
5.Copy of the Employer’s ID card.
6.Copy of the Employer’s commercial

Registration/License.Note: Serial Nos.3 to 6 is applicable for Saudi Arabia Only STEPS TO FOLLOW:

A) PERMISSION FROM THE PROTECTOR OF EMIGRANTS:The documents received from the employer are submitted to the Emigrants (Govt. of Pakistan), for necessary registration / permission.
B) PRESS ADVERTISEMENT:Thereafter, the vacancies are advertised through leading National Newspaper, to attract large number of candidates against the demand(s) received.
C) INTERVIEW CALLS:On evaluation of the applications received, short listing of the deserving candidates is initiated and call letters are issued for provisional interview and trade test etc.
D) FINAL SELECTION:The short listed candidates are thereafter required to appear before the selection board and the selected candidates are put to trade tests. The final rating is done after consideration of the individual’s overall performance.
E) MEDICAL TEST:The finally selected candidates are required to appear before the Medical Board comprising of highly competent specialist/doctor for conducting of the complete medical check-up. These medical centers are approved by the GCC/and the consultant of the employer’s country.
F) VISA ENDORSEMENT:On completion of the required formalities, passport of the candidate along with all of the required documents are submitted for visa stamping to the Embassy/Consulate of the country of employment.

Terms & Conditions?

1. Period of Contract Minimum one year.
2. Probation Period 90 days or as per the labor laws of the country.
3. Daily Working Hours 8 hours per day, maximum 12 hours per day with additional 4 hours paid as overtime.
4. Transportation Free transport is to be provided by the employer from residence to work place.
5. Social Security / Insurance Employment to be covered at the cost of the employer according to the labor laws.
6. Vacation leave per year As per labor laws of host country.
7. Illness leave per year As per labor laws of host country.
8. Dead Bodies Dispatch to dead bodies or evacuation due to serious injury will be made to Pakistan at employer’s expenses.