Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Industry Recruitment Services

Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Industry Recruitment ServicesThe petroleum industry is also known as the oil industry or the oil patch. This includes the global processes of extraction, refining, exploration, and transporting of oil. The transportation is mainly done using oil tankers and pipelines. Furthermore, the marketing of petroleum products is also part of the work. The largest volume products within the industry are fuel oil and gasoline also known as petrol. There is a large number of oil and gas vacancies due to the expanding market.

Petroleum or oil is also used as a raw material for many chemical products that include pharmaceuticals, solvents, fragrances, fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic, and plastics. Due to the extraordinary value of the oil and its products, it is also known as black gold. The industry is divided into three major components that consist of upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Petroleum is helping many other industries and it is necessary for the maintenance of industrial civilization in its current condition. It is one of the important concerns for many nations. Oil accounts for a great percentage of the world’s energy consumption and oil and gas engineers are playing their role for further development. It is ranging from a low of 32% for Europe and Asia. For the Middle East, the percentage is 53%.

One can clearly see the demand for the petroleum and petroleum industry jobs related to it will also be in a great amount. The number of professionals required in the Middle East industries are increasing day by day. Edge Manpower is one of the experience company to provide manpower resources for the leading oil and gas companies in the region. There are great opportunities for oil and gas jobs in the United Arab Emirates. During our recruitment process, we ensure that the need of our client is placed on top priority so that they can get the most suitable candidate for the job.